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This is what our students have to say:

"Well explained and detailed. This was the 4th time I've taken a class for CPR and I learned new things this time." Mark A 3/1/16

"Instructor was pleasant and funny and made the class enjoyable and easy to understand." Milka B. 2/27/16

"Love coming to Creative Inservices for my BLS renewal! <3" Angela J. 2/27/16

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraged participation and questions. Instructor's style of teaching made me comfortable and feel at ease." Cathy M. 2/26/16

"Instructor was absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable. Friendly and personable. Would absolutely request this instructor in the future!" Pam Z. 2/26/16

"Fun and informative. Instructor was great-- personable and knowledgeable." Monica B. 2/23/16 

"Very informative. Was presented in a fun but very thorough manner. Recommend!" Lori R. 2/23/16

"Instructor was very thorough and in touch with her 'audience' and what we needed to know for our job positions." Jean P. 2/23/16

"Went fast! Great instructor, made it fun." Anonymous 2/20/16

"Very interesting teacher-- uses his personal and professional experienes to assist with his teaching." Mary K. 2/20/16

"The course was very informative and can help not only in the workplace, but in every day life." John M 2/17/16

"Instructor was great. She did an excellent presentation." Margaret G. 2/11/16

"Great job; complete without being tedious." Chris B. 2/9/16

"Instructor was excellent, helpful and excellent as a CPR instructor... Very observant." Lisa S. 1/22/16

"Very clean presentation of material! The best class I've ever taken." Christina L. 1/22/16

"Instructor is very knowledgable. Great demonstration and teaching skills. I'd highly recommend her and Creative Inservices." Kathleen S. 1/21/16

"I feel I learned a lot more in this CPR certification course than the 5 hour course I had in college. Instructor did a great job demonstrating and explaining CPR." Sarah L. 1/21/16

"Great class! Very efficient and effective!" Yusef S. 1/19/16

"Excellent course, instructors were very helpful." Allyson K. 1/15/16

"The class was well organized and the instructor was great. I like the life stories she told- it puts the process in perspective- real life!" Santina T. 1/14/16

"I was nervous about doing skills but instructor was great; helpful, confident and informative. Online part was great too!" Laura H. 1/12/16

"Instructor was very knowledgable and helpful. Patient and pleasant to work with."  Angelita P 1/9/16

"Very knowledgable, answered all my questions, even if some were common sense questions. Answered questions politely and easy to understand." Conor D. 1/9/16

"I liked that the instructor gave real examples that she encountered in the past." Katie N. 12/15/15

"Great CPR class, instructor was very helpful and knowledgable." Samantha D. 12/9/15

"Very informative and helpful. Instructor answered questions." Anonymous 12/1/15 

"I enjoyed the succinct nature of the class. Good hands-on, little to no time wasted."  Sally G. 11/21/15

"Loved the new equipment. Very helpful and organized." Megan P. 11/21/15

"Instructor was wonderful! Explained info and practice clearly." Brittany K. 11/19/15

"Great Instructor! Very Knowledgeable!" Jill M. 11/19/15

"Instructor was excellent, very informative." Dianne F. 10/24/15

"Learned even more this time, loved the "real" case examples... Excellent teacher- Very well presented." Susan H. 10/19/15

"Instructor was very pleasant, made the class enjoyable and not boring." Vanessa D. 10/17/15

"It was a very informative and interesting course. It helps in saving lives!" Joanna C. 10/17/15

"Creative Inservices always has a wonderful class with wonderful instructors. I find the watch then practice technique extremely helpful." Micaela F. 10/16/15

"The Instructor was very helpful to me and explained everything very well. Very organized and knowledgeable Instructor." Paulette P. 10/3/15

"Awesome job! Loved the constant practice with the manikins." Anonymous 10/2/15

"Instructors were informative, but entertaining at the same time- made learning fly by!" Jenna D. 10/2/15

"Instructor was very professional and helpful. Offered extra help to students who may have needed it." Teri H. 9/30/15

"Best CPR course I've been to!" Cecelia W. 9/23/15

"Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I'll see you in 2 years! Thank you!" Lisa F. 9/1/15

"Instructor was very informative, clear and concise with providing pertinent information. Video was a great teaching resource." Stacey 8/29/15

"Great class. Video instruction was very clear. The hands on demonstrations provided great pactice. Room was comfortable and instructor was thorough, well prepared and friendly." Natalie M. 8/29/15

"Instructor made us feel very comfortable and confident while learning CPR!" Jennifer C. 8/20/15

“I like that the class is kept small, it allows more instructor input and one on one training.” Casey K 8/4/15

“The instructor was very precise, very organized and teaches CPR skills proficiently to the students.” Faisal I. 8/4/15

“Bill was extremely helpful and very passionate about his teachings. Good work, Bill!” Courtney G. 7/28/15

“Great class, quick and to the point.” Taylor D. “I love the instructor, clear information, practice nice and funny.” Judith M. 7/25/15

"Very good instructor. He was informative and used actual scenarios for better understanding. I would highly recommend!” Lynn L. 7/18/15

“The format was very useful, especially stopping at any point to clarify the steps. The online tutorials were a good introduction and putting it to use solidified everything.” Thomas E. 7/14/15

“Our instructor was very friendly and prepared- He answered all questions easily and courteously.” Mary B. 7/13/15

“Instructor was able to give very practical tips which are not mentioned in the film. He knows what he’s teaching.” Marichu Y. 7/11/15

"I loved that the class size was so small. I felt like I had the chance to practice my skills more." Sara B. 6/23/15

"This was the best renewal course I have ever attended. No time was wasted, everything was covered well & I feel confident in my skills." Paula F 6/10/15

"A very interactive class, humor helps. Thank you!" Leslie S 6/6/15

"The instructors kept you engaged and they were well prepared & knowledgeable to answer all of the questions addressed to them."  Angela W. 6/6/15

"Instructor was very nice and organized. She went through the different scenarios, which were very good practice. She was very accommodating and was able to fit me into her schedule with a few days notice." Sophia 6/1/15

"The instructor made me feel very comfortable- I will plan to return when my certification is due for renewal. Thank you!"  Suzanne O 5/2/15

"Instruction was concise, educational, logical- Superb."  Charles F. 4/27/15

"Class was well organized and flowed smoothly."  Kara O  4/14/15

"Excellent presentation, location, practice sessions."  Sharon M  4/11/15

I have come and recommend this company for years.  the staff is friendly, organized and well educated.:  Thank you!  Patricia S.  4/11/15

"Excellent!  I will spread the word about your services."  4/2/15

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and did a great job with time management.  I would recommend this course."   4/2/15

"I was very comfortable in class."  Tomicco N.  3/27/15

"Enjoyed this class, the best of any I have been in.  Great Job!!  Jill G.   3/27/15

"Truly enjoyed the instructor,  Jane.  She was very informative and made us understand before " moving on."  Heather P. 3/27/15

"Easy to understand, helpful."      3/26/15

"Easy to talk and ask questions with instructor." Patricia B.   3/26/15

"I was given enough personalized time and attention by the instructor that made me feel confident and able to perform CPR."  Maria W.    3/23/15

"Class was very organized and informative.   I learned all of the necessary steps for CPR and was taught in a very clear and organized way.  " 1/06/2015