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N95 Mask Testing

Creative Inservices provides N95 Mask Fit testing at your facility.  Call us for more details.

See what the CDC says:

What is a respirator fit test?

A fit test is a test protocol conducted to verify that a respirator is both comfortable and correctly fits the user. Fit testing uses a test agent, either qualitatively detected by the wearer’s sense of taste, smell or involuntary cough (irritant smoke) or quantitatively measured by an instrument, to verify the respirator’s fit. See questions related to qualitative and quantitative fit testing for more specific information.

Why is fit testing necessary?

Fit testing each model of respirator the employee is to use in workplace tasks before their use is important to assure the expected level of protection is provided by minimizing the total amount of contaminant leakage into the face piece. The benefits of this testing include better protection for the employee and verification that the employee is wearing a correctly-fitting model and size of respirator. Higher than expected exposures to a contaminate may occur if users have poor face seals with the respirator, which can result in excessive leakage.